MINIMAGIC Yorkshire Terriers
MINIMAGICYorkshire Terriers


The Old Girl has a new sister

 This way you can see our Beautiful Puppies. We have a Wonderful Selection and You see them all. No hidden rooms or cages..We use large pens and during the daytime they go out to patios with swimming pools. They run and play and bark at a chicken or cat that dares to pass too close ..all in fun..

OK This little Pup is a good looking Baby Girl. She has the perfect little shape and really has a Great Personality. Most Yorkies are lots of Fun and We have The Cutest ever !

Guess Who !

Micro Teacup ..One in a Million !! Meet Mia 4oz at 8 weeks old !! Needs a Very Special owner..I will be VERY picky and you MUST come to me to pick her up ..NO SHIPPING !! Call for price..

I kept her brother ( Maximillion) to use for studding..

He is now producing puppies !! 

Our New Color Sable
2014 Prize Puppy !
The Prize- MCS Auction 2012

Gina Spicer The MOST dedicated Lady for the MCS (Manatee Children's Services ) Wins everybodies heart to help these children..including mine..Gina You are The Best !! Thank You for ALL you do for these Precious Children.

2014 Prize Who Will Win Her ??
Winner MCS PUPPY 2013
Winner MSC 2014
Children's Dream Fund
My Pleasure We made her Very Happy! UPDATE this precious little girl today 12 years old is in remission Minimagic is Proud to be part of her life !
They Auctioned and Got $1,800.00 For The YMCA KIDS
Siblings TeaCups
POSH The Babysitter !

These are three Teacups 2lbs to 3 lbs fully grown. They are very delicate and I recomend them for RESPONSIBLE adults . Small children can hurt them very easily, by accident.. But they are healthy and all go out with two Official Health Certificates so the Vet checks them twice and gives them their shots needed each time.

Beautiful Brandi !
My Owner is Denise Darcel Scott
Dad and Hemmingway.. BIG NEWS Hemmingway is a Father !! Two tiny Teacup Girls were born Christmas Day !(2013) Taking deposits
Our Precious Danielle
Cassie 10 yrs
Going Home !!
"Minis" One Pure Gold and the other Black&Gold going home!
Yorkies are very Friendly and Socialable This is a Minimagic Yorky and this photo is on a brochure..She is the Boss & Fearless !
Retired" Precious " Amy gave her a WONDERFUL home..Thank You !! UPDATE.. Precious attacked a thief in their home and left his ankles bleeding ..The police found him in the Pawn Shop and arrested him for his bloody pants!! YOU GO GIRL !!
Precious THE HERO update her family got back ALL their jewerly..
This beautiful Pup is 9 years Young " PIPPIN"
Two Happy Girls

Here You have two Precious Little Sisters...We do the three sizes Teacups (under 5lbs ) Minis The most popular ( 5lbs-9lbs )and also have a larger size for my Senior citizens and children.

Allie loves her puppies
Four Beauties !!!
This is Gigalo My Stud Muffin
Beautiful Minimagic Puppy !!
Little Nala
Siblings -Teacups !!
Lorna's Pup


Thank You for Your Time. If you are thinking about getting a Yorkie, You found the right place ! All our puppies are guaranteed to be Healthy and ALL have their Official Health Certificates with their first and second shots, and their Pedigree papers. We are a LEGAL Kennel so all is super clean and in order. We accept all major credit and debit cards..

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