MINIMAGIC Yorkshire Terriers
MINIMAGICYorkshire Terriers

My Passion for Cars

I got my first car when I was sixteen years old. I had just finished my driving test, and when I got home there was a car I had never seen before parked in our driveway. My dad came up to me, patted me on the head and handed me the keys, and I've been crazy about cars ever since.

So it's no surprise that my cars are my main hobby these days. I spend a lot of time on maintenance and tuning of my Mustang. And then there's my Chevrolet. It was in a pretty bad way, so I picked it up for a pittance, and now I'm having a great time restoring it to its former glory.

My cars are my favorite hobby. I spend a lot of time on maintenance and tuning. At this point, very little remains of my Mustang's original look and feel. I've customized it to suit my tastes.

So far, I've made the following changes to my ride:


  • high-pressure direct (HDI) injection                               
  • enlarged intake ducts and valves
  • improved valvetrain camshafts
  • new valve seat pockets
  • shortened cylinder heads
  • cylinder head porting
  • high-performance ignition plug


  • new silver/blue varnish                                                  
  • halogen headlights
  • ceramic-coated exhaust system


  • racing seats and steering wheel                                      
  • high-end sound system
  • DVD player with rear-seat screens


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