MINIMAGIC Yorkshire Terriers
MINIMAGICYorkshire Terriers
  • Faith and George Moran (Monday, May 22 17 08:02 pm EDT)

    Beautiful Yorkies. I am looking forward to owning one again. You have a wonderful website that shows everything and leaves no question unanswered.. this is the type of breeder I would feel comfortable buying a puppy from. Faith Moran

  • mary fahrni (Sunday, May 14 17 12:15 am EDT)

    Great website ... puppies all look healthy and happy. Love the Mastiff picture with the tiny one.

  • Vera Oliver (Sunday, May 07 17 06:17 pm EDT)

    Just found out that you have other breeds as well. Interested in a male teacup Yorkie and a female long-haired Chihuahua. Where are you located? I'm in Hudson Florida.

  • Vera Oliver (Sunday, May 07 17 06:14 pm EDT)

    Your pup's are adorable. Am interested in a teacup male.

  • Pamela (Thursday, May 04 17 06:21 pm EDT)

    Loving the information on this internet site, you have done outstanding job on the content.

  • Nancy (Wednesday, April 26 17 08:23 am EDT)

    oh, so sweet, saw one of your puppies in Lake Placid, Fl. Just wishing I could get one.
    Love my yorkie..Have had many in the past.

  • Samantha (Sunday, April 09 17 10:33 am EDT)

    hi what are your prices?! I'm in love with your puppies. I was at the farmers market yesterday and ran into a lady who said she got her Yorkie from you, and a few weeks ago a lady came into my work and said the same!!

  • Luis Vega (Wednesday, April 05 17 03:14 am EDT)

    Hi ,I'm Louie spoke to you about a month in Cape. ..ready to get a yorkie for wife ...please send me a email with pictures and price list...can pick up next couple of days

  • Darlene (Sunday, March 19 17 11:54 am EDT)

    omg just love your site here. Sure tells you are a loving breeder. I am interested in seeing your puppies that are available. thanks b

  • Donna Schmidt Godsea (Tuesday, March 14 17 04:36 pm EDT)

    I am looking for a Gold and Silver female I would like her to be no more then 5 to 7 lbs full grown she will be loved vary much Jenifer from Lexington country club just received one of your females the puppy is 3 months now she loves her vary much Thank you

  • Elizabeth Proulx (Sunday, March 12 17 10:26 pm EDT)

    My name is Elizabeth Proulx. I don't know if you remember me, but I came to ur house several times last April and was looking to purchase the little male yorkie you had. My yorkie died a few months before I came from an auto immune disorder and I realized I just wasn't ready for a new puppy. I am ready now, and I would really like a micro female or one that would stay real small. Do you have any puppies for sale now?

  • Cheryl (Saturday, March 11 17 07:09 pm EST)

    Hi. I am looking for a Yorkey for my daughter she has been wanting one for A while. I have a friend and she just got a dog from you and loves him. How much are your puppies?

  • Tina Young (Friday, February 24 17 03:57 pm EST)

    Hi I was wondering if you had female yorkie pups 5 to 9 pounds available and what their pricing is, and if you could send pictures please

  • Tina Young (Friday, February 24 17 03:52 pm EST)

    Hi your pups look so adorable and I was wondering if you had any female yorki that are 5 to 9 lbs available and if so what is their pricing..could you send pics please..thank you

  • Karen Storey (Tuesday, February 21 17 10:35 am EST)

    We are interest in a small female Yorkie. I have had 5 Yorkies and lost our last one in April 2015 - and I am ready to move forward with another one. They all lived wonderful long lives and miss them terribly.

  • Joan Boenig (Thursday, December 15 16 11:39 pm EST)

    I'm hoping I can talk with you about a little girl. All comments are very inspiring I have followed you for over a year now I m ready thanks

  • Vikki Sears (Saturday, November 05 16 08:29 am EDT)

    Hi Christine, It was so nice chatting with you! I am so excited about getting a little girl. See you in 2 weeks! All your babies look adorable!Vikki

  • Vickie Anderson (Tuesday, September 27 16 02:23 pm EDT)

    Your yorkie's are amazing. I am in search of a female, I would love to see what you have available. I will be in Sarasota soon and would love to meet everyone.

  • Cherie (Sunday, September 18 16 06:52 pm EDT)

    Very rarely do you go to a website fir buying puppues,and hit run across one that puts so much back to the community.I'm a Yorkie owner,this is wonderful to see!

  • Patti Clifton (Thursday, June 23 16 04:48 am EDT)

    I'm so happy to have found MiniMagic. I love your website and enjoyed seeing all your little ones. I have a Yorkie named Roxy.
    She is 11 yrs old. I would love to get a little baby for her to love on. Hope to talk to you someday.

  • Amy Severn (Thursday, June 09 16 06:46 pm EDT)

    Hi Christine, 9 years ago I met you & was so impressed with your home for Yorkies!My family & I have been so happy with our Bentley he brings us so much joy to our family! We are interested
    in possibly extending our family with another from his family tree! Are there any babies available this summer? Please let us know Bentley would love to come see you again all grown up!

  • Nancy Rohr (Sunday, December 20 15 12:44 pm EST)

    lOVE THE ALL!!

  • Nancy Rohr (Sunday, December 20 15 12:43 pm EST)

    They are all so cute!!!

  • cliffette (Thursday, February 13 14 04:43 pm EST)

    your dogs are awesome' i can see that you love your puppies' just wish you were closer. my kids would go crazy if i came home with one of your minis.

  • Allison Gerber (Wednesday, February 05 14 10:30 am EST)

    Love this...and of course you have the best pups ever!
    But I am bias!

  • Bo Fegler (Monday, January 20 14 04:08 pm EST)

    I absolutely love your puppies. I was given your name from a neighbor who just brought Korkie home. She is a cute little long haired chihuahua. I am interested in a yorkie, please email me a list
    with pictures and prices. Thank you

  • Gwynn Virostek (Saturday, January 11 14 10:48 pm EST)

    They are all so adorable Chris. I am hoping to come down and see the puppies and adults that you have available.

  • Jackie Coles (Sunday, December 29 13 07:59 pm EST)

    Hello Christine and staff
    I'm Jackie Coles I bought a female from you three years ago. Honey baby, she's the love of my life. She just had a puppy, it weighed 80 grams at birth, she's a week old and weighs 181 right now.
    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I had to have her spayed when she delivered. The male was 187 grams he's was beautiful. But died in birth canal. So sad. He was beautiful. So I'll leave the
    breeding to the experts. Thanks again I love my honey baby..

  • Bill Waller (Wednesday, December 18 13 01:41 pm EST)

    Have 22mo/7# Yorkie from you. Should have bought 2. Now I want a male playmate same size, wt, color, with in-your-face personality. Email / call 941-412-3839. or email.

  • Brooke Livaccari (Thursday, December 12 13 08:41 am EST)

    I already posted a comment on this site. But I have to say that my daughter Danielle purchased a second yorkie from mini magic and he is so special. He fit in right away and we were told that he was
    more human than puppy. She was right, he is such a great dog. We love him to death. I have recommended this kennel to many people, including my sister Donna that i hope gets her new puppy from you
    guys. I have a dog that is 13 and might not be around too much longer, i will definitely come back to you and get a new puppy. Dale is sucha great dog.

  • Kristen (Monday, December 09 13 01:11 am EST)

    of you may remember Ruby, whom I first pogohtraphed when she was 14 weeks old! We had her second Puppy Package session when she was one, and then she and her mom moved to San

  • James and Scott (Thursday, October 31 13 02:27 am EDT)

    We purchased Pippa from you in January 2013. She is our baby and best friend. She puts our Giant Schnauzer in her place all the time. Thanks for an AMAZING baby.

  • paul m. beauileu (Saturday, October 26 13 04:55 pm EDT)

    love your web site will be making a visit soon will call will be looking for tea cup female. we did raise them at one time in Conn. but didn't sell them we gave them to friends as far away as
    Tenn.which ended up winning in shows my wife misses them.

  • Jillian (Sunday, September 29 13 09:53 am EDT)

    I was wondering about how much is your pricing for one of yolu teacup puppies both male and female pricing?

  • Maria (Saturday, September 14 13 05:06 pm EDT)

    Btw...I want to send you a photo of Bebe.... Thank you so much.....

  • Maria (Saturday, September 14 13 05:01 pm EDT) name is Maria Bonilla. I lived in Sarasota for 4.years. I bought one of the minimagic yorkies on July 21 st 2011. His name is Bebe. He's so adorable. We move to my country PR... Everybody
    here loves him.

  • Marybeth (Monday, September 09 13 09:23 pm EDT)

    Hi Chris, we bought Audrey & Gracie last Dec. I have 2 pics of them for you if you want me to send them. Marybeth

  • Barbara Kilburn (Wednesday, September 04 13 01:29 pm EDT)

    Your Yorkies are beautiful as all your kids are. I was wonderful about pricing. What would a 4lb female run. I have have been blessed to have Yorkies for 26 yrs. Thank-you.

  • Brooke livaccari (Wednesday, September 04 13 11:05 am EDT)

    We purchased a yorkie from Chris at MiniMagic and she was wonderful. We have three other dogs. it is my daughters dog and he is just the most precious little boy. He adapted well to our home. He will
    be a very pampered little guy and so loved. He has the most beautiful hair and a great temperament. Thank you Chris for a beautiful loving little guy. We just love him.

  • Archer Pethard (Thursday, June 27 13 10:22 pm EDT)

    Thank you so much for what you have share us, they make us happy and suppressed. I will support for you forever.

  • Linda Gould (Wednesday, June 12 13 12:58 pm EDT)

    We brought home our lil Romeo 2nd yesterday & in that short time hes already a "huge (lol)" part of our family! If youve ever thought of adding to your familyTHIS IS THE PLACE TO FIND THAT
    ADDITION! THANKS Chris & your great staff!

  • Shelley Goodman (Thursday, May 02 13 07:56 pm EDT)

    I purchased the most beautiful little girl. She is absolutely perfect in confirmation and best of all personality! She is now a Georgia peach, living near Atlanta. Thank-you for filling the void left
    when my 14 year old Yorkie, Teddy, passed in January.
    Shelley Goodman

  • Kathy Haynes (Monday, April 29 13 08:04 pm EDT)

    Your pups are beautiful as is your place. could you let me know if you have adult teacups, and prices.I live in largo,fl.

  • Connie Miller (Wednesday, April 24 13 12:01 am EDT)

    You have beautiful yorkies.

  • Maria Elena (Monday, April 22 13 12:24 am EDT)

    Congrat!!! you have a beautiful place for the puppies they are so adorable. I would like to buy a mini tiny male will like to know the lower price you got on the puppy pease let me know

  • Jennifer Forney (Friday, April 12 13 03:45 pm EDT)

    Very nice and I will keep you in mind when I am ready for another. Currently have 16 yr male, Bluto, who gets all my attention. Lost Popeye 3 yrs ago at 18. Both came with me from California in 98.

  • Suzan Dennis (Wednesday, April 10 13 06:13 pm EDT)

    Cute cute yorkies! Just want to know which ones for sure r available and their price? Would like a tiny one because my children are grown, and I have no grandchildren.

  • Paula (Tuesday, March 19 13 09:39 pm EDT)

    Beautiful babies!! I would love to come and visit and see about making one a member of my family.

  • Chelsea Beach (Tuesday, February 26 13 09:42 am EST)

    We bought a teacup from Christine about 6 years ago, Bandit is the littlest boy with such a HUGE personality! Could not be happier to do business with her again now that we want to add a teacup girl
    yorkie. I wouldn't go to anyone else!

  • jackie coles (Saturday, February 23 13 08:31 am EST)

    hello minimagic, my name is HONEY. im a year old and weigh 3 lbs. im the bset little honey in the world. its been the best year ever and i love my parents. thanks minimagic for the great parents.

  • Randy Buckstein (Tuesday, February 12 13 04:55 pm EST)

    We are lovin our "Jazzy" that we adopted last Saturday. Thank You soooo much.

  • Shelley Goodman (Saturday, January 26 13 04:46 pm EST)

    I am looking for another Yorkie. Mine passed away after 13 years of pure joy.

  • Victoria (Thursday, January 24 13 03:03 pm EST)

    sooooo cute,they are adorable

  • cindy gismondi (Tuesday, January 22 13 08:29 pm EST)

    you have some beautiful dogs

  • CAROLE SALOOMEY (Monday, January 21 13 04:05 pm EST)

    Cannot wait to come & visit! Will be arriving for my 2 months in FL on 02/01...Belleair Beach! Interested in a friend for my 4# Yorkie named Rudo from Toronto! See you soon!

  • Lisa from Revival Animal Health (Wednesday, January 09 13 08:15 pm EST)

    I just love everything about your site, Christine!! It is wonderful to get to see you and your babies...They are Beautiful!

  • Cheryl (Wednesday, January 09 13 02:59 pm EST)

    I am interested in male mini Yorkie. I sent you a personal email. Just wanted to sign in on the guest book.

  • Bettina Volmar (Monday, January 07 13 09:20 pm EST)

    I got my Puppy Ramaii in February of 2012 from Minimagic and it was the best decision I have ever made. He turned a year old last month and I can't imagine life without him...

  • Linda Jumalon (Friday, December 28 12 01:50 pm EST)

    We got our Alfie on Dec.4 2012 he's adjusting so well,potty training is going great ! These are very smart pups and willing to please ! I could not be happier he is a love !

  • Mark Robbins (Wednesday, December 19 12 11:02 pm EST)

    Hello, my name is mark Robbins I put a deposit on a small female on 9/16. I was just curious how big she will get. Mere lee knows which one we picked out.

  • Kari Nourse (Wednesday, December 12 12 05:20 pm EST)

    Chris, what a stunning farm, I definitely
    would like to come and have a look!!

    Sadly cannot take any more dogs as you
    know but WELL DONE what a gorgeous
    start in life for those little fourlegged people

  • Drjanetta (Monday, December 03 12 10:47 am EST)

    The most superior, and cared for Yorkies!!!
    I would only 'buy' my love from this wonderful person!!!

  • Ron Mola (Wednesday, November 14 12 09:53 am EST)

    Hi I want a mini yorkie for christmas for our 2 daughers, my name is Ron Mola and my phone number is 813-4423382. Thanks

  • Cathy Betts (Wednesday, October 17 12 10:41 pm EDT)

    I've purchased 2 more puppies (Kempo and Kimmi)from Christine and they are just wonderful. Kimmi is my Teacup and i've had to adjust my home to accomodate her half pint size so that she can play with
    my other yorkies.

  • Cathy Betts (Wednesday, October 17 12 10:36 pm EDT)

    Hi Christine,
    Many Thanks to you for your wonderful Yorkies. I got my first yorkie from you, "lulu" who was 5 yrs old. I have had so many complements regarding everything about her. She is loyal as the day is
    long, and with a sweetheart disposition.

    For those that are hesitant about getting a puppy, try an adult they are the best without having to chew up all the shoes and anything lying around the floor.

  • Annette (Saturday, September 15 12 10:48 am EDT)

    Chris....Thanks for directing me to your website! I enjoyed looking at all your pictures of the pups...they are aaadorable. Will be in touch.

  • Karen Moon (Friday, September 14 12 07:08 pm EDT)

    Christine, Thanks for directing me to your adorable website. We are looking forward to meeting you and your "babies" on Sunday. Karen Moon

  • carole and mark (Sunday, August 26 12 04:48 pm EDT)

    we love you
    great web site
    Your dogs look great
    especially your little stud

  • Heidi Scourby (Sunday, August 26 12 01:23 pm EDT)

    Hi Chris,
    Very nice pictures.
    love Heidi

  • Bunny (Saturday, August 18 12 02:10 pm EDT)

    Dear Chris, I had fun checking out your site! Everythiong is great,especially the photo with your Dad! :)

  • Kari Johnson (Thursday, August 16 12 07:44 pm EDT)

    Our family was blessed with three of your Yorkies, Adam, Killer and Sophie.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Life just would not be the same without them.

  • Candace Botha (Thursday, August 16 12 02:26 pm EDT)

    Love the photos of Haley and Daisy and, of course, Toby! Thanks for including them on your Web site, which is great!

  • Dr. Janet C. Herrmann (Saturday, August 04 12 10:25 am EDT)

    What a wonderful website..with more pictures to come for sure. Such an awesome place to get your 'portable' pet...! He went to Italy this year- no problem - and he is going on 9 . A SUPER bundle of
    love ! You couldn't find a better person! This is NOT one of those puppy mills that you read about. Trust me. We've been there so many times..everything is kosher, and in perfect pristine order! We
    love Chris, and trust me...she loves her pups!!!


Thank You for Your Time. If you are thinking about getting a Yorkie, You found the right place ! All our puppies are guaranteed to be Healthy and ALL have their Official Health Certificates with their first and second shots, and their Pedigree papers. We are a LEGAL Kennel so all is super clean and in order. We accept all major credit and debit cards..

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